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HR Strategy

The way organizations manage their people needs to be aligned with its business strategies. The means for this alignment is human resources strategy: a directional plan for managing human resources that addresses people-related business issues.

Much of HR in the past has been focused on transactional activities such as completing forms and processing new hires, employee changes and terminations.  While these activities are still necessary, the need to attract, develop and retain high performing people capable of executing business strategy changes the primary focus to one of talent management. 

KUdoHR works with clients to develop HR strategies to maximize workforce productivity.  After reviewing the business strategy, we will work with your managers to consider and make recommendations where necessary on:

  • Aligning employee expectations with HR strategy

  • Defining staffing needs

  • Ensuring strategic staffing

  • Developing capabilities

  • Developing effective managers

  • Enabling performance

  • Evaluating performance

  • Rewarding and recognizing successes

  • Addressing under performance

Please see our section on Engagement, as having a positive work culture that fosters high levels of employee engagement is critical to productivity and profitability.

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