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As many of our mothers told us when we were young, "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt."   There are a myriad of employment related laws that are in place to protect workers and ensure they are being treated fairly and and with safety in mind- both physical and mental.

Employers expect employees to comply with the law, to be honest and treat each other fairly and with respect.  It is incumbent on employers to operate in the same manner.  To do otherwise would send out mixed signals, lower morale and jeopardize productivity, profitability and brand reputation.

While nothing will fully inoculate an employer from an act of wrongdoing, there are steps that can be taken to reduce risk and create a positive, respectful, and ethical working relationship.  These include:

  • Use of written offers of employment with unambiguous language

  • Dissemination of a Code of Business Conduct with annual attestations

  • Clear policies and procedures which are administered consistently

  • Disciplinary actions, including terminations, that are fair and appropriate for the circumstance

  • Clear and regular communication of expectations

KUdoHR can assist in reviewing and creating policies, programs, and processes that strengthen your organization.


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